Flexible Installation Kit

Wire, Telephone & Internet cable Installation

Clean, Strong and Precise welding 
    Without any welding slag
    Withstand the torque more than 300 pounds
    With homocentric rotation provides accurate and smooth drill

●  Flexible Bit - Type A
         Dual spur. For tough wood drilling

●  Flexible Bit - Type B
         For tough wood drilling

●  Flexible Bit - Type M
         For masonry material drilling

●  Flexible Bit - Type HS 
         HSS bit ensure long life. For iron material drilling

●  Extension
         Connecting to the end of shaft's chuck to increase the length of the bit

●  Mesh Wire Puller 
         To pull the wire or cable from position A to position B

●  Placement Tool
         To adjust the angle when using the flexible bit


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