Premium Twist Bits for Precision Drilling

About Helic

HELIC (MC-AUGER) has been a renowned drill bit supplier and manufacturer in Taiwan for over 60 years. Our journey began in 1960, with a focus on producing high-quality woodworking drill bits and twist bit. Over the years, we've expanded our product range to include metal, masonry drilling, and various accessories.

Today, our products are sold worldwide on our own label and through
partnerships with well-recognized brands.

At HELIC, we strongly emphasize innovation and continuously strive to
improve our quality standards, precision in manufacturing,
production efficiency, and the expansion of our product offerings.

We take great pride in introducing our top-notch MIT products
to the global market.Explore our offerings as a trusted drill bit supplier
of precision twist bits, guaranteeing exceptional performance in a
wide range of applications.

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