Helic Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.

Our spirit

HELIC had over 50 years of experience in the global drill bit market. With the customized service, we accumulate more professional researches and experiences. And use to keep striving expertise to combine with the advanced producing facility. And let the products to go into the highly specialized request utility engineering market

With this profession, in maintaining high-quality products, we keep developing more efficient manufacturing facility to promote the producing capability to let our customers reduce the purchasing cost. Then they could increase their competence to go into the top retail chain channels in the world.

The customer’s growth is our major motivation to keep promoting the growth of Helic. We use「Innovation」 to be our advanced target. Except for the existing drill bit, we develop more hole making tools further and other accessories to let customers have the competitive new products to develop the market.

Serving and growing with our customers is our priority.