Tungsten Carbide Holesaw

Powerful Tungsten Carbide Hole Cutter

Powerful Hole Cutter! More Durable - Over 150 Holes

Asymmetric Cutting Edge
More suitable for Pipe / Curved surface

Ultra-hard Carbide Tip
Multiple tungsten carbide tips for faster drilling, smoother cutting, and longer life

HSS Step Pilo Bit
2 steps pilot bit for faster drilling
Prevent walking while drilling
Reduce tip crack, and debris can be discharged smoothly

Ejection Spring

Eject slug effortlessly
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Our cutting-edge hole saws are engineered to excel in a variety of applications, making us the first choice of professionals worldwide. With our tungsten carbide hole saw solutions, you'll experience unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in your cutting tasks.

Explore our range of tungsten carbide holesaw, our hole saws are trusted in industries around the world and with our tools you can tackle any cutting challenge with confidence.

Whether you need a specific size, design or coating, we have you covered. Experience HELIC and enhance your cutting capabilities with quality, customization and excellence.

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