TCT Hole Saw Cutter

TCT Hole Cutter

TCT Hole Cutter
TCT Hole Cutter
Ultra-hard Carbide Tip
Multiple tungsten carbide tips for faster drilling, smoother cutting, and longer life

HSS Step Pilo Bit
2 steps pilot bit for faster drilling
Prevent walking while drilling
Reduce tip crack, and debris can be discharged smoothly

Standard Cutting Edge
Special cutting angle speed up the cutting efficiency and extend product life

Ejection Spring
Eject slug effortlessly

Flange (Optional)
Prevent from over drilling
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Discover our carefully crafted range of TCT hole saws at HELIC. Our extensive range of TCT hole saw products are engineered to the highest industry standards, ensuring exceptional performance and durability. Whether you're in the construction, electrical or woodworking industries, our top-of-the-line TCT hole saws deliver unparalleled efficiency and precision in every application. Choose HELIC for quality cutting tools.

Our TCT hole saw cutter stands out for its quality, precision and durability. Experience the HELIC difference, where superior quality and customization combine to enhance your cutting tasks. Trust us to be your reliable partner on the road to perfect cutting.

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