Countersink Drill Bit Supplier

Countersink Bit

Apply to Wood & Steel Construction

Faster Drilling, Smoother Cut, Multiple Usage

New design 4 TCT cutting edges
Upgrade for all kinds of metal and hard construction materials

Adjustable ring position
Easy and precise hole depth control
Countersink parts

More clean, smooth, no-burr edge

TCT Type - Multi-purpose

Suitable for:
- Metal construction materials: Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Cooper, etc.
- Hard construction materials: Acetal resin, calcium silicate, plasterboard, etc.
- Wooden construction materials: Hardwood, plywood, Continuous layer board, Bamboo, etc.

Alloy Type

Suitable for wooden construction materials
Hardwood, plywood, Continuous layer board, Bamboo, etc.
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We are your reliable partner for countersunk drill bits. As a leading countersink drill bit supplier, we offer precision-engineered products to suit all your drilling needs. Our expertly designed countersunk drill bits ensure clean, precise and reliable results on a variety of materials. Whether you're a professional craftsman or a DIY enthusiast, Helicon delivers superior build quality you can rely on.

The products we offer excel in creating accurate and clean counterbores. Compatible with a variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic and more, our drill bits consistently deliver superior results.

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